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A perfect choice for auto posting your content to famous social media platforms


Social Auto Poster – A perfect choice for auto posting your content to famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, BufferApp, YouTube, Pinterest, Google My Business, Reddit, Telegram, WordPress and Medium.

You can configure your social accounts and post new content as well as repost your old content to keep it alive and reach a maximum audience. SAP provides an amazing feature for scheduling your content to post whenever you desired. The plugin also works well with personal profiles, business pages, groups etc.


  • Auto Post New Content

    Allows auto posting new/old post to configured social networks. Almost every popular social networks are supported.

  • Supports Custom Post Types

    Exceptionally handy for custom websites using other content types apart from the default ones. SAP allows to autopost, blogpost, pages, WooCommerce products and any other “custom post type”.

  • Configure Unlimited Of Each Social Media

    Allows you to share your content to multiple accounts on each of the supported social networks. No limitations. Plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages, groups, etc.

  • Scheduled Posting

    You can schedule the exact time when the auto post should go out. Scheduling option: Minutes, Hourly, Twice daily, Daily or Weekly. You can also set posting order by post title, date, post type or randomly for the scheduled posts.

  • Hashtags From Tags Or Categories

    Make it easy for yourself. SAP can post tags, categories and any other custom WordPress taxonomies as hashtags.

  • Total Control Over Social Media Shares

    It’s upon you; whether you want to share just the titles of your posts, include a hashtag, mention a @username or some completely custom additional text, our plugin allows you to do that. SAP can also fetch pictures from blog posts automatically and then attach them to your social media shares.

  • URL Shorteners

    Ability to shorten long url into a TinyURL with,, or built in WordPress URL shortener.

  • Logs Tracking

    Logs available to track all social posting activities.

  • Posting Statistics

    Graphical representation of each social media postings with different filter options.

  • Category Wise Posting

    Set what posts go to each network based on categories.

  • Exclude Category

    Exclude the content that you don’t want to post which belongs to a particular category.

  • Share Your Post More Than Once

    SAP allows you to manually share each post multiple times.

  • Customize Message Format

    Ability to add custom message for each account individually. Post your posts uniquely as per your requirement on each social network.

  • Publish A Single WordPress Post

    Ability to publish a single post to all configured accounts concurrently with just one click.

  • Unique URL

    Unique URL generated each time for each wall post to avoid duplicate content error.

  • Emoji Supports

    Support emoji codes for posting on social media.

  • Google Analytics Campaign Tracking

    Supports Google Analytics Campaign Tracking. This will allow you to see how popular your posts are and monitor the exact traffic you are getting with Google Analytics.

  • Auto re-post already existing posts.

    Don’t stop after just a single social media share SAP allows you to share every post multiple times over and over again. SAP can select specific posts for re-posting using filters.

  • E-commerce Supports

    Social Auto Poster supports e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads or Jigoshop.

  • 100% Multilingual

    Social Auto Poster is completely translatable both in front and back-end.

The Plugin Settings

  • General Settings

  • Reposter Settings

    Don’t let your posts die after just a single social media share. Social Auto Poster allows you to share individual posts multiple times, over and over again. It can automatically re-post the already existing posts and can also select specific posts for re-posting using filters like custom post type, include/exclude categories.

  • Quick Share

  • Manage Schedules

    A list of all unpublished, published and scheduled posts is kept and can be viewed from Social Auto Poster > Manage Schedules.

  • Social Posting Logs

    A record of every Social Posting Activity is kept and can be viewed from Social Auto Poster > Social Posting Logs.

  • Facebook Privacy Policy